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Atlas Orthogonal is a chiropractic technique that specializes in the diagnosis and correction of improper spinal function.  You may not be aware, but some of the symptoms may include headaches, uneven feet, spine, or shoulders, muscle tightness, or a tilted head. In addition, you may be suffering from jaw problems, pain in your knees, hip, or back, allergies, sinus infection—the list could go on. If you happen to be suffering from any of the symptoms listed, an adjustment of the atlas may be just the thing you need.

At Atlas Injury to Health, Dr. Michael St. Louis uses spinal adjustment techniques to restore the spine and body function, promoting a healthy well-being for his patients. Once the spine is restored, the body is able to heal itself the way it should via proper nervous system function.

Never ignore your symptoms or discomfort.

Why is atlas health important for the body?

Your upper cervical area is important because it affects the body in various ways like:

Does every chiropractor offer Atlas Orthogonal?

That answer is no! Atlas Orthogonal is very different than your traditional chiropractic. An Atlas Orthogonal doctor is a specialist in upper cervical and brain stem area. As such, they must spend an additional two years on top of their traditional Doctor of Chiropractic to complete their post-doctoral studies in the upper cervical spine.

How is Atlas Orthogonal different than a traditional chiropractor session?

No manipulations are involved. No popping or cracking of the neck or back exist. The treatment is done with a safe and non-intrusive instrument. Depending on where the specific misalignment may be located, the instruments is placed specifically and accurately. Once the patient is positioned correctly, the gentle and non-invasive force is generated at the exact area of misalignment.

Ready to take the next step in restoring your health?

To get started, Dr. Michael St. Louis will do a full spine exam, consultation, x-rays (if needed), and will provide you with a report of his findings. Contact our office today!