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You may already know the benefits of chiropractic care for reducing back and neck pain, but are you also aware of its other potential health benefits? Read on to find out why many people rely on regular chiropractic adjustments to feel better and enhance their general health and wellness.

Chronic Pain

Let’s discuss some of the conditions that chiropractic care can help alleviate in addition to back and neck pain, such as hip and knee pain and burning in the elbow and wrist. Even frequent headaches or migraines can benefit from this type of treatment. Chiropractic care can help every part of your body! The spinal adjustments you receive assist the body’s nervous system in working at its optimum while reducing inflammation, easing muscular tension, and correcting joint dysfunction.

Blood Pressure

Chiropractic care can help the nervous system work optimally and help the brain regulate what is happening in your body by addressing alignment concerns. In addition, these positive effects could have a positive impact on a variety of factors, including blood pressure. Keep in mind, however, that chiropractic care isn’t your only option! For best outcomes, prioritize nutrition and exercise while following your doctor’s advice.

Athletic Performance

According to this study, chiropractic treatment is a great way to support and enhance sports performance. Regular chiropractic care leads to greater circulation, more flexibility, an improved range of motion, stronger balance and coordination, and an abundance of energy. Additionally, chiropractic care helps you avoid those situations and positions that put you in danger on the field and speeds up your recovery time if you are wounded. It also lowers your likelihood of experiencing pain and injury in the future. It also reduces the chance of experiencing pain and injuries in the future.


If you struggle with your posture and wish to go back to form better habits, the door to Atlas Injury to Health may not be a time machine but going through it will definitely straighten you out! Regular spinal adjustments will help better your posture by helping resolve alignment issues. Since bad posture can seriously harm your health, keeping this in mind is crucial. It can impair your capacity to breathe correctly, cause circulation issues, cause headaches and migraines, and interfere with the function of your digestive system. Ask your chiropractor for advice on how to change the way you hold and carry your body throughout the day when you go in for an adjustment. You’ll notice a massive change in your general well-being thanks to the recommendations they’ll give you.

What We Do

The main goal of Atlas Injury to Health is to give each patient personalized, functional care. Dr. Michael St. Louis’ is a chiropractor in Winter Garden, FL, specializing in atlas orthogonal chiropractic and upper cervical chiropractic to improve spine function. Contact us to schedule a consultation if you think chiropractic care would benefit you. Call 407-656-0390 or send an email to info@atlasinjurytohealth.com for more information.