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I think we all can agree that 2020 was far from ideal. Even though we may not be sure what 2021 has in store, I think it’s safe to say it will be much better.

On every New Year’s Eve, we take a peek at the past and plan for our future. It is a time where we make resolutions and try to stick to them. Perhaps you want to lose a few pounds, work on stress levels, visit the chiropractor more, save a bit more money, or something else. No matter the resolution, just remember, nothing worthwhile is ever easy but trust us, the reward will be worth it.


What Can A Chiropractor Do To Make Your Life Better? 

Chiropractic care has been around for decades and is one of the best ways to eliminate any pain related issues.The method of reducing pain includes identifying, treating, and maintenancing the spine. Dr. Michael St. Louis, located in Winter Garden, FL, has all the answers you need on how to fix back pain, how to fix sciatica, how to mitigate headaches, and more.


Boosts Cognition Capabilities

After receiving minor adjustments in the back and neck, a chiropractor can significantly improve your overall health. These minor corrections activate neural pathways that move up the spine and increase cognition function, which is the thought processes that includes problem-solving, remembering, reasoning, and making judgments.

Improves Overall Health

Due to our long list of daily responsibilities, it can sometimes be challenging for individuals to stick to their New Year resolution. However, improving and maintaining one’s quality of life should always remain a
priority. Routinely visiting a chiropractor will keep your nervous system running as it should be. Atlas Injury to Health also offers BEMER therapy and atlas orthogonal treatments to their patients.


Our Commitment

Regular chiropractic care can help reduce stress, relieve joint pain, minimize tension, help with cognitive communication throughout the body, and eliminate headaches. We hope that prioritizing your health is at the top of your list. Our team at Atlas Injury to Health is ready to help you conquer your goals. Happy New Year!