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Posture is the specific position in which we tend to hold our bodies while performing movements as standing, sitting, and lying.

Whereas good postures is the correct body parts’ alignment in which there is a right ratio of muscle tension against the effect of gravity.

The absence of posture and muscle control leads to slips and falls.

Why is good posture important?

Atlas Injury to Health provides specific guidelines for having a good postures.

Good postures can:

Improve the alignment of the body:

Good postures helps to keep the body in proper alignment while sitting or standing. In a correct posture, your body organs tend to work well too. We can improve the functionality of the stomach to enhance digestion while staying erect during the sitting or standing position.

Relieve body pain:

Poor postures can exert constant pressure over your body muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This pressure can twist or compress the structures leading to functional impairments or pain. Back pain and knee pain are the most common results of poor posture.

By keeping proper body alignment, you can easily remove the additional pressure from your spine, bones, and other body structures. Upright body position equally distributes the weight to all weight-bearing structures of the body.

Improve respiratory system:

Proper posture can relieve pressure from body structures which are sensitive to pressure. Your lungs need space to expand in the chest at full capacity.

If you slouch or sit improperly, you’re putting unnecessary and harmful pressure on your chest, essentially leading to breathing restriction.

Good postures has multiple effects on the body. Physically, it can relieve pain, pressure, and stress form the body. Psychologically, it will make you more comfortable, confident, assertive, and proactive.

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