What is BEMER Therapy?

BEMER therapy, also known as bio-electromagnetic energy regulation therapy, is a form of technology that has been shown to support muscular health and optimize performance in a non-invasive way. Utilizing a full body mat, the BEMER technology devices deliver a therapeutic low-level pulsed electromagnetic field to stimulate muscles while increasing blood circulation. This type of therapy is completely safe as it can be used without any known side effects or pain.

Benefits of BEMER

Increase Blood Flow

Low or poor circulation is a significant indication of a variety of health concerns relating to cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurological health. BEMER technology was created to combat this by improving the body’s blood circulation and boosting the body’s metabolism. Studies have shown that utilizing BEMER therapy for eight minutes two times per day can increase blood flow by almost 30%. Experiencing an increase in blood flow helps restore your body by increasing your energy level, which can in turn speed up your cells’ healing time.

Reduce Lower Back Pain

A study performed in 2015 found that utilizing BEMER therapy in combination with traditional physiotherapy procedures can reduce chronic lower back pain in the short term and may also be effective in the long-term. Chronic pain is known to be a result of a lowered immune system which can lead to symptoms of fatigue or disturbed sleep. Utilizing BEMER technology is an effective choice of treatment because it can reduce levels of stress, pain, and fatigue; thus, reducing the odds of developing additional ailments.

Supports Immune System

Knowing that our immune system is our body’s defense against infection and a variety of abnormalities, it is our duty to support it to ensure that our body can properly function. The immune system actively responds to any stress, pain, or fatigue that we endure. As a result of this, suffering from any chronic pain takes away from our immune system’s ability to heal itself. BEMER therapy can increase the responsiveness of white blood cells as a result of the increase in blood circulation. This allows for the immune system to effectively defend the body against external health risks such as infection.

Accelerated Wound Healing

As tissue is impacted when injured, it must be dissolved then removed for new tissue to form in its place. For the body to effectively accomplish this function, its cells must be optimally supplied and disposed of which can only occur with maximum performance of all cells involved. Because BEMER technology ensures optimal microcirculation, the cells will be fully supported; thus, resulting in quicker healing time.

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