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As a driver in the state of Florida, it is of great importance to understand the 14-day rule in personal injury protection (PIP). Under Florida’s no-fault system, you have 14 days to seek medical attention following an auto collision. Acting quickly after an accident will not only aid in your medical recovery process but will also give you the time you need to secure your benefits and the right to compensation. Please see below to obtain a better understanding of Florida’s 14-day PIP rule.


What is the 14-Day Rule?

Florida’s 14-day PIP rule stems from the Florida Statute 627.736 (the no-fault insurance law) and is a requirement for those who have been victim to a car accident in the state of Florida; those affected must seek medical attention with 14 days of the collision. If medical care is not sought after within two weeks of the accident, a PIP insurance claim cannot be filed. This is still the case for those who have sustained physical injuries as a result of their accident; the 14-day rule states that the only way to receive compensation for medical bills, is if medical attention is obtained within 14 days of the initial incident.

Some of the benefits you can obtain if you comply with the 14-day PIP rule include:

If you fall victim to an auto collision and do not seek medical attention within two weeks of your accident, your insurance company has the right to deny any medical benefits.


Why Does this Rule Exist? 

The Florida 14-day rule exists as a way to stop insurance fraud and to ensure victims of an auto collision can minimize their injuries to prevent further medical complications. Implementing the 14-day rule allows for injuries to be diagnosed accurately. Receiving prompt medical care can prevent someone from aggravating their injuries which would accrue additional medical costs for the insurance company.


Should You Seek Medical Attention?

The answer is yes. After experiencing an event as traumatizing as a violent car accident, your body runs high on adrenaline that can make you unaware of serious injuries you may have. You may feel pain-free, but it is imperative that you seek medical attention right away to address any injuries you may have. Many traumatic brain, back, and neck injuries can have delayed symptoms that can be mitigated if prompt medical attention is received. If you decide not to consult a doctor right away, your injuries can worsen, thus lengthening your recovery time.

In Florida, if you do not go to a hospital within 14 days of your accident to be diagnosed with an emergency medical condition in order to receive PIP insurance benefits, you will not be eligible for this coverage. You do have the right, however, to see a doctor of your choice as long as your appointment is made within the 14-day window.


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