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What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is commonly known as a type of holistic practice that focuses on the body’s main structures (the skeletal system, nerves and muscles) and their relationship with a person’s overall health. Chiropractors emphasize the idea that the nervous system is the one bodily system that directly impacts every other system in the body. Therefore, the health of the nervous system can be an indicator of the health of various parts of the body. The misalignment of the spine is known among chiropractors as a subluxation and it will hinder nervous system functions. In order to remedy this interference, adjustments to the spine are made to restore joint function and support the nervous system. These chiropractic adjustments will subsequently reduce bodily pain and allow for an increase in movement and performance.

Why should athletes receive Chiropractic Care?

Recognized to be a natural, non-invasive form of health care, chiropractic is a type of treatment frequently utilized by athletes within the United States and in other parts of the world. Many teams of professional sport leagues such as NBA, NFL, MLB and the MLS have employed their own sports chiropractors to treat their athletes before and after their performances. Receiving specialized care that is geared towards increasing strength and shortening healing time can optimize an athlete’s overall performance.

Chiropractic Care for Athletes

Regular chiropractic treatment will not only aid in maintaining an athlete’s strength but will also contribute to improvement with their range of motion and function. The continuous physical strain athletes endure has the potential to cause complications with their spinal alignment and movement. Undergoing proper chiropractic treatment can alleviate existing complications while helping to prevent potential injuries. Additionally, a variety of bodily injuries can cause symptoms that are seemingly unrelated (e.g. headaches, muscular discomfort, etc.). Our chiropractic treatment in Winter Garden can not only assist with the reduction of pain originating from the source of the injury but also alleviate the pain brought forth by underlying symptoms. Injuries can make or break an athlete’s performance; by receiving appropriate chiropractic treatment, athletes can ensure that they are being supplied with the tools and skills necessary to promote pain management and healing.

Why Atlas Injury to Health?

For those living in or around Winter Garden, Atlas Injury to Health will provide a highly experienced chiropractor who specializes in providing individualized chiropractic solutions.

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