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About Dr. Michael St. Louis

To say that Dr. Michael St. Louis has had an eclectic life, would be somewhat of an understatement. Holding positions as a mortgage broker, loan officer and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, his journey to where he is now has been anything but simple.

Like many people, Dr. St. Louis’ journey has had its challenges. It has been filled with both physical and mental challenges that forced him to take stock in his life’s balance. Recognizing the importance of a journey is something that Dr. Michael St. Louis believes in wholeheartedly and is the reason he named his practice Atlas Injury to Health.

Like his journey to becoming a licensed chiropractor, the journey anyone endures following an injury is never simple. It requires courage, perseverance and most importunately, an excellent support system. Now Dr. St. Louis has pledged his career to being that support system for other people on difficult journeys of their own.

About dr st louis

A note from Dr. Michael St. Louis:
I believe that I can truly help my patients by following a simple philosophy:
• Have faith in process and discipline
• Be an engaged listener
• Provide empathetic, mindful advisement that brings peace of mind and well being
By applying these simple guidelines my patients realize better results.
I am fully devoted to delivering meaningful chiropractic solutions that result in peace of mind and well-being.



Life University

• Doctor of Chiropractic December, 2013

Florida State University May, 1996

• Bachelor of Science, Food and Nutrition
• Minor, Pre-Health Sciences
• Member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity