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The holiday season is one of the most fast-paced times of the year, so much so that we tend to overlook our self-care routines. Although the holidays are known for togetherness, giving, and getting ready for a new year ahead, the chaos of it all can be quite taxing on our bodies. It is a common trend for many people to experience higher levels of stress, increased pain, or injuries during the holidays, which is why it is important to remember to support our bodies this season.


Why Visit the Chiropractor?

1. Control Your Stress

The holidays can be a stressful time of year trying to meet many needs and expectations of employers, loved ones, and friends. This stress can then emerge physically as neck pain, lower back pain, tension, or even jaw pain. The tension caused by stress can leave our bodies vulnerable to obtaining further physical injury or influence our bodies to develop harmful habits. Chiropractic care, however, is a beneficial tool that can help address the many negative bodily impacts stemming from stress.

2. Injury Prevention

There is a multitude of potential dangers that come along with living in a colder climate some of which include slippery sidewalks, shoveling snow, and icy roads. Unfortunately, enduring a snowy day can lead to injury caused by falling, auto accidents, or heavy lifting.

Living in a warmer climate during the holidays can also bring forth some dangerous situations. Along with the endless shopping that occurs during the holidays, comes hours of decorating and tons of heavy lifting; all of which can lead to serious injury. Fortunately, visiting a chiropractic center sooner than later can help to prevent and reduce injury that may occur during the holiday season.

3. Travel

Traveling during the holiday season can consist of a variety of factors like long road trips, uncomfortable plane rides, and unfamiliar sleeping arrangements. All of these factors combined can take a considerable toll on our bodies. If you find that your body has been negatively affected by holiday travel, chiropractic care can provide you with many physical health benefits.

4. Winter Blues

About 15% of Americans suffer from a milder form of seasonal affective disorder, also known as winter blues, that occurs when an individual is challenged by the change of the seasons. Experiencing fewer hours of sunlight during the winter can lead to a lack of sufficient vitamin D levels in the body which, in combination with holiday stress, can cause depressive feelings among many. While receiving chiropractic care is not the only or best solution when it comes to depression, it does have the ability to positively impact the body’s nervous system, providing a drug-free approach to managing some effects of depression.


5. Immune System Boost

Were you aware that receiving chiropractic care provides your body with health benefits that can improve your immune system? Chiropractic care is a drug-free method of balancing the nervous system which helps you stay active thus, boosting your immune system!


If this holiday season has taken a toll on your body and you would like to receive more information about how chiropractic care can help you, get in touch with Atlas Injury to Health, a clinic located in Winter Garden, Florida, today by clicking the contact us tab.