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Visiting a chiropractor for the first time can always make you feel a bit anxious, and this feeling of uncertainty is completely natural. The first question that typically comes to mind is, “how much pain will I have to endure?” Well, the truth is, there is little to no pain.The cracking noises heard during an adjustment session can be alarming at first, but they are not something to worry about. These sounds occur when the accumulated gas in the bones is released, this process is virtually painless and can make you feel much lighter and full of energy right after your first session. Seems hard to believe, but this is just the beginning; read below to learn more about the many benefits of chiropractic care.


1) It Is Considered The Safest Health Practice

Chiropractic care is one of the safest methods utilized to cure health-related problems with little to no risk. Another benefits of chiropractic care is the fact that many chiropractors have extensive nutrition knowledge. Oftentimes, people do not need to undergo an adjustment session but would benefit more from professional lifestyle advice and an exercise plan to treat any underlying cause. If you are searching for answers on how to fix your back pain or sciatica, chiropractic care is what you need.


2) Chiropractors & Medical Doctors Receive Almost Similar Education

Many people have the misconception that chiropractors are solely a type of massage therapist when that is not true at all. Both a chiropractor and a medical doctor, although the differences between them are massive, receive the same amount of education. A medical doctor specializes in pharmaceuticals, whereas a chiropractor receives training in nutrition, anatomy, and spends more time studying bodily structure than a medical doctor.


3) Cracking Moves The Bones

Lower or upper back pain is quite often the cause for concern that leads a majority of people to a chiropractor. The treatment plan to fix back pain involves spinal manipulation by physical pushing. It is believed that the adjustment pushes bones inches away from their original position during a chiropractic session. Although the bones do in fact move, the actual movement is about equal to the thickness of a hair strand. So, if you are planning to visit a chiropractor soon, don’t be scared of any unusual popping sounds as this is entirely normal and your bones will remain right where they should be.


A Word Of Advice

If it is your first time visiting a chiropractor and you are experiencing muscle strain or you haven’t had an adjustment in a while, then there is a possibility the experience may be slightly painful. take the benefits of chiropractic care. Once your body is adjusted and the tension in your muscles is released, you will start to adapt to this process, which should ease any worries. The results are different for everyone; some may experience instant relief, while others may have to adapt to the soreness for a few hours or even an entire day.

If your lower back pain has been bothering you or you are experiencing any other physical discomfort, the Atlas Injury to Health in Winter Garden, Florida will provide you with treatment that addresses all of your needs. Depending on the severity, most patients feel a sense of relief after their first visit. Also, if applicable, Atlas offers BEMER therapy that helps to keep your circulatory vessels functioning properly. Contact us today if you are looking for a drug and pain-free method of curing any physical pain you may be experiencing.